Blue Ruin

Anyone know the way to Little Chef?

Anyone know the way to Little Chef?

Dwight looks like he’s neither slept or shaved since whatever horrific thing happened, happened.

He sleeps in his rusty car, takes baths in other people’s houses and seems to have no real motive for existence. When some unexpected news is delivered by a compassionate police officer, his hobo life is given a much-needed objective: revenge.

The dark story uncoils by drip-feeding clues to Dwight’s patchwork past giving us a satisfying game of detective to the hows and whys of his misfortune and thirst for vengeance. Bruce Willis, he ain’t and he could have done with schooling-up on some Liam Neeson movies before reaching for the rifle. However as anti-heros go, he’s bloody brilliant and despite squirming at the bloodshed, you’ll want to give him a finger-chewed high-five.

The relatively unknown Macon Blair is perfect. He plays the role of the socially inept, weary yet mesmerising Dwight with those Simpsonesque, saucer-wide eyes that fill the silences with volume. Blair provides just enough mystery, compassion and dark comedy to have us feeling empathetic to the mess that is Dwight.

Blue Ruin is another film that reached completion with the help of a Kickstarter fund and was given a profile boost from its film festival presence. This low-budget, high-thrill movie demonstrates that you don’t need a sweaty brute in a white vest to carry a tense and satisfying revenge movie.


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